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Pre-Opening Services


Opening a hotel can require a massive amount of coordination and organization to make sure that things go smoothly. From purchasing & installation of FF&E, dealing with contractors and various City, County and state inspectors, to the training of new employees before opening, all while construction may still be going on. It is easy to see how opening a hotel can become extremely stressful for an owner very quickly.  

Let Lodging Host Hotel Corp relieve some of that stress. We have the experience of over 20 hotels developed from the ground up. We know the processes in place and best and most effective ways to get your property open. 

Let us assist you with: 

  • Acquisition, Inventory and Installation of FF&E and OS&E 

  • Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations

  • Staff Hiring and Pre-Opening Training

  • Pre-Opening Marketing, Opening events & Advertising

  • Brand Standards Implementation

  • Monitoring Progress

  • Establish Vendor Partnerships

  • Establish Pricing Structures

  • Assistance with Selection of General Contractors

  • Obtain all required Licenses, Permits and Insurances

  • Prepare Pre-Opening Budgets


We provide services tailor made to each project and carefully designed to meet its individual needs. 

Organizing Supplies

Hotel Operations, Hotel Receivership, Hotel Development, Hotel Management, Property Management



Tel: 903-643-9171

Toll Free: 800-888-4678

P.O. Box 8931

Longview, TX 75607




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