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LHHC GED Program

In an attempt to encourage all Lodging Host Hotel Corp employees to continue their education, the company has a program in place to encourage those employees without a High School Diploma to get their deploma. 


  • The company will pay the cost of the enrollment for the program.

  • Employees will have six months from the date that the payment is made to take the exam.

  • If the employee passes the exam they will receive a raise of $.50 per hour.

  • If they do not pass the exam they will have a period of one year to retake the exam as many times as necessary to pass the exam and achieve the raise.

  • If the employee does not pass the exam, does not retake the exam and pass it during the additional year or leaves their employment with the company, for any reason, before passing the exam, the employee will owe the cost of the enrollment in the program back to the company.

  • Any cost to retake the exam will be the immediate cost of the employee but will be reimbursed to them upon completion of the GED. The company will pay for only one retake, all others will be the cost of the employee.




Tel: 903-643-9171

Toll Free: 800-888-4678

P.O. Box 8931

Longview, TX 75607



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